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We combine AI and human judgement to transform unstructured text into actionable insights.

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Codeit’s unique blending of AI, Machine Learning and Text Analytics with Human oversight brings unsurpassed speed, power and quality to the analysis of unstructured text.

Its ease-of-use, performance and high-quality tagging transforms customer feedback, social media comments and other unstructured text from a costly overhead into a valuable asset.

Key Benefits

Codeit transforms all kinds of unstructured text into actionable insight

Codeit adds real value to free-text from Market Research, Voice of the Customer and Social Media sources 

Delivers advanced AI power and enhanced quality at lightning speed

Seamlessly combines  multiple technologies & human oversight  to drive increased productivity with minimal human effort

Tightly integrates  with market research survey platforms, spreadsheets and data collection tools

Codeit is engineered and built to the highest Market Research standards – robust, accurate, scalable

Key features include: auto code frame generation, AI-guided coding, adaptive survey integration, full management reporting

Application Areas

Market Research Surveys  Codeit integrates tightly with all major Market Research survey platforms, allowing for rapid and automated analysis of open-ended responses and verbatim comments. Codeit’s coder-friendly user interface dramatically enhances productivity, with advanced AI support for auto-coding and code-frame generation.  With seamless human supervision to ensure quality.
Websites Integrate feedback, comments and questions from your website into Codeit for instant analysis.
Custom data collection  Codeit’s API makes it a snip to become a seamless "add-on" to your own survey system - for example, passing verbatim comments to Codeit for coding on interview completion.
Social Media
Social Media Pipelines  Codeit’s API connects directly to applications harvesting social media comments - from Facebook or Twitter for example. Codeit’s unique "blended AI" approach to categorisation maximises actionable insight.
CRM Systems  CRM systems generate valuable text (for example, customer feedback). Codeit can analyse and categorise comments on the fly, for immediate response.
Excel applications  Using just a VBA macro, data in an Excel workbook can be passed seamlessly back and forth to Codeit.
Speech to Text  Instead of generating piles of unanalysed transcripts, Codeit can analyse and tag relevant comments in real time for immediate response.
Call Centre
Call Centres  Comments, feedback and transcripts from your call centres can be passed to Codeit to surface themes, topics, sentiment and insights.

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