Brand Coding in codeit

A dedicated coding mode, optimized for single words and short phrases such as brand names.

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Supercharge the coding of brands and short verbatims

  • Dedicated Coding Mode

    Our short text coding mode is optimized for the patterns and repetition found in single word and short phrase responses.

  • Simple to Use

    codeit handles all the technical stuff. You just need to press a button and let the software do the hard work.

  • Enhanced Productivity using Specialized AI

    Whereas some AI tools fail to detect brand names, codeit can learn as you code, build up a codeframe and autocode new data at lightning speeds.

codeit Brand Coding Features

How Brand Coding works

  • Add Your Data Step - 01

    codeit has a range of flexible ways to import your data - use whichever one works for you.

    Find out more about data integrations in codeit

  • Add Your Codeframe Step - 02

    Import, share, manually build or auto-generate a codeframe. Options to suit every requirement.

  • Manual Coding Trains the AI Step - 03

    codeit learns as you code your data - allowing the AI to recognise brand names, alternatives and misspellings.

  • Apply Text Rules Step - 04

    By applying what codeit has learnt - more of your new data can be autocoded with accuracy and precision.

How codeit Works

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What is Brand Coding?

A new coding mode in codeit

Coding short verbatims, such as brands, is a different process to coding full length verbatim comments. To help, codeit has a new "Short Text Coding" mode which is optimised for the task of coding short free-text comments.

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Combine brand coding with a full suite of tools, allowing you to combine human expertise with the latest AI technology...

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