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Kick start your coding project using the latest AI technology. Automatically build a codeframe, generate coding suggestions and even autocode your data.

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Easily build your codeframe using ChatGPT AI technology

  • Latest AI Technology

    Use our ChatGPT enabled tool to automatically analyse your verbatim data and construct your codeframe.

  • Simple to Use

    codeit handles all the technical stuff. You just need to press a button and let the software do the hard work.

  • Stay in Control

    You choose how much work you want the AI to do. Auto-generate the codeframe, make coding suggestions or autocode your data. Then manually refine the codeframe and coding as required.

codeit Codeframe Builder Features

How Codeframe Builder works

  • Add Your Data Step - 01

    codeit has a range of flexible ways to import your data - use whichever one works for you.

    Find out more about data integrations in codeit

  • Build Your Codeframe Step - 02

    Auto-generate a codeframe and, if you choose, allow codeit to autocode your data.

  • Refine Step - 03

    Use your knowledge and judgement to adjust the results. Quickly and easily refine the codeframe and coding applied.

  • Apply Machine Learning Step - 04

    codeit learns as you code your data - meaning more of your new data can be autocoded with accuracy and precision.

How codeit Works

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Suite of related tools

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Theme Extraction

Automatically extract themes and sentiment

Machine Learning

codeit automatically learns and autocodes by your example

Manual Coding

Code and refine manually using an unrivalled coding interface

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