Machine Learning with codeit

Our human-led AI approach means that codeit learns as you code, so it autocodes your survey data whilst you always remain in control.

Machine Learning with codeit

Harness the power of machine learning to turbo-charge your productivity

codeit learns by following your example. So it can do more of the work for you, at a level of coverage and accuracy that you control. codeit's automated coding increases efficiency and reduces the manual hours required by your team.

  • Human-led AI, stay in control
  • Learns from your coding
  • Your own bespoke model
  • Precise autocoding

How Machine Learning works

  • Add Your Data Step - 01

    codeit has a range of flexible ways to import your data - use whichever one works for you.

    Find out more about data integrations in codeit

  • Learns as you Code Step - 02

    codeit's Machine Learning system learns as you code. Using your coding as training data, codeit seamlessly learns about the nuances of your project.

    Find out about auto-generating your codeframe with AI

  • Uses the Latest Technology Step - 03

    Build on the latest deep learning technology and optimized for market research data. We are continually improving and updating our system as AI technology evolves.

  • Apply Autocoding Step - 04

    Once trained, codeit can apply the model to any new data that is loaded, autocoding up to 80% of your verbatims. It all happens automatically so there are no technical skills required.

How codeit Works

codeit Screenshot - Machine Learning
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