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Data processing made simple

Loadit is designed to make fiddly, repetitive data handling tasks a thing of the past.

For example, suppose each week your sample supplier sends you an Excel workbook with details of respondents to be invited to an online survey. Each week, someone in your DP team takes this workbook and does a whole bunch of reformatting before it can be loaded into your system.

They might relabel categories, split the data by quota criteria, dedupe the data, check it against a black or white list, calculate age from Date of Birth, and so on…

Each week, a skilled person in your DP team is wasting time doing a repetitive, boring task that adds no value at all.

And what happens when that person leaves the company? What happens if they make a mistake? There is no repeatability, no transparency and the whole process is impossible to audit.

This is messy, dirty and risky stuff.

LoadIt is a powerful, yet easy to use tool that simplifies complex data management and integration tasks for casual or power users alike.

What does it do?

What does it do?

Loadit provides users with an intuitive interface to build a visual representation of a workflow. It is essentially an ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) package geared to the needs of the MR data processor.


It has a full range of input/output capabilities including Excel, CSV, SQL Server, TasbML, Triple-S and SAV.

And a comprehensive set of transformation blocks, such as ..

  • Randomise
  • Rows to Columns and Columns to Rows
  • Aggregate
  • Deduplicate
  • Combine
  • Split
  • Text Analytics

And a fully featured expression builder to create formulas of any required complexity.

Best of all, it is fully extendable with an SDK supplied, so you can write your own custom code to perform any kind of data manipulation task.

How it works

What our customers say...

We have been using Loadit for a number of years now and it is an established piece of software for our Data Processing department. Primarily it is used for automating sample processing, where we have found that daily, weekly or monthly sample feeds can be managed entirely within Loadit.
Adrian Golder-Hayes, Senior Spec Writer, Watermelon
Loadit has made our processes clean, transparent and maintainable and truly delivers ROI against the man-hours we have saved.
Jon Eastwood, CTO, Motif
  • Simplicity

    Loadit is very simple to use - you don’t need to be a boffin to use it!

    Just drag and drop items and build up a sophisticated sequence of steps, repeatable at  any time.

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  • Transparency

    Ad-hoc or manual processes tend to evolve into monster spreadsheets, spaghetti macros or home-grown tools that no one understands.

    Loadit allows you to create workflows that can be easily understood and shared with others.

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Loadit features include...

  • Extract data from a wide range of sources
  • Transform data using simple expressions
  • Load data into a wide range of targets
  • Full extensibility - add your own components, functions and add-ins
  • Third party components available to fit specialist scenarios
  • Manipulate data easily to fit your business rules
  • Command line mode for unattended batch processing
  • Full documentation, tutorials and videos available online - for free!
  • Customisation and consultancy services availableS
  • Simple "Wizard" mode for operational staff
  • 24 hour technical support
  • Developer SDK available - for free!
  • Free trial version

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