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Coding for Market Research

CodeIt is an automated support tool for coding any unstructured text. Designed by market research and coding professionals, CodeIt’s powerful technology enhances coding productivity and quality, whilst also delivering greater insight from a valuable, but all too often, untapped source.

CodeIt’s coder-designed user interface is streamlined for ease of use, taking the hassle out of coding to ensure significantly greater data consistency and quality. Coders love the simplicity and speed that CodeIt delivers. 

Using a blend of advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and sophisticated text analytics techniques, a coding project can be created, distributed to coders and completed in anything up to 2.5 times the speed of currently available tools, with no loss of control or quality.

CodeIt – the intelligent solution to coding

CodeIt is the ideal too for coding ...Codeit-Picture1.png


  • Market research verbatim responses
  • Customer reviews
  • Voice of the Customer comments
  • Customer satisfaction comments
  • Customer complaints


Our customers include specialist coding organisations, market research companies, e-commerce businesses, governments and NGOs, as well as B2C and B2B companies in many different sectors.

Digital Taxonomy prides itself on its responsive customer service and support. Our professional team has decades of practical experience in building and managing coding programmes of all shapes and sizes.

With its simple to use but powerful interface, training and onboarding is a breeze. Expert support is provided by our professional team, made up of experts in both CodeIt and practical coding!  


How it works?

Easy Inputs/Outputs

Codeit offers a variety of ways to import and export data.
Upload and download directly from tools like Excel or Loadit.

Alternatively, you can achieve real-time automation using the Codeit API.

Clean and Simple Coding Interface

Codeit has been developed in partnership with real (human!) coders.
The result is a user interface that is clean, efficient and pleasant to use.
Say farewell to Excel coding nightmares.

Augmented coding through AI

Codeit has artificial intelligence baked in behind the scenes.
You stay in charge, but Codeit will intelligently help you along the way making things more efficient and easier.

Zero Hassle

We want coding to be a smooth and seamless process.

We created Codeit to take the drama out of coding. No more exports into Excel, no more coding in Excel and no more merging data back from Excel

Making things Simple

Our tools make it easy to get data in and out of Codeit and your Coders can work on projects from anywhere in the world.


We understand that coding can be a subjective process.
We also understand the importance of consistency even when different people are involved over time.
Codeit gives you the tools to monitor your data and keep everything on track.

Smart reporting keeps things on track

Use the Codeit reporting system to monitor your project's progress, measure productivity and keep tabs on consistency.
If it looks like your data is becoming inconsistent, then Codeit will tell you so that you can correct any problems early in the process.


We want coding to be smooth, efficient and seamless.

We created Codeit to take the faff out of coding.  No more exports into Excel, no more coding in Excel and no more merging data back from Excel.

Augment your coders with AI

Codeit in an intelligent system that learns from your Coders.  The more they code the more helpful Codeit becomes.
We believe that people will always be smarter than machines, but Codeit makes it easier to provide that human touch.

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