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Codeit – unique AI-guided text tagging

Codeit is an advanced AI-assisted tool for tagging, categorising and analysing unstructured text from a wide range of sources. Codeit is designed and engineered by market research professionals with deep experience of extracting maximum value from unstructured text.

Codeit uses a unique blend of multiple powerful technologies and human oversight to deliver massively increased productivity without loss of quality or precision. Read more…


With Codeit, our clients overcome resource, budget and time constraints to surface highly valuable insight from all manner of unstructured text – quickly and at low cost.

In upwards of 50 languages.

Use cases

Codeit is being used across a wide spectrum of applications

  • Customer reviews and feedback from websites
  • Market research survey verbatim responses
  • Social Media comments
  • Customer satisfaction comments
  • Customer complaints
  • Online survey responses

Codeit – powerful, flexible, easy to use


Codeit, uniquely, utilises a technology “stack” that seamlessly integrates advanced Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and sophisticated Text Analytics techniques. Individual components are brought into play depending on the specific type of tagging required, and the nature of the text being analysed.


In real world projects, our clients can expect a Codeit project to be created, distributed to teams and analysis completed in up to 5 times the speed of currently available tools.  And with no loss of control or quality. Read our case studies!

Ease to use

Designed by experts in tagging, analysis and coding of unstructured text, Codeit’s contemporary user interface ensures high productivity from day one. Harnessing the power of AI and the other technologies used by Codeit is accessible even to non-technical users. Full on-board training and ongoing support are provided by Digital Taxonomy’s in-house team of experts.


Codeit works on the complete spectrum of unstructured text types - from short mentions of brands, to customer reviews, right through to long descriptions of a customer service interaction. Codeit’s variety of inbuilt tagging approaches ensures that the right technique is always available for any type of tagging project.

Human precision, automation speed - maximum quality

Codeit recognises that human oversight and interaction together are needed to generate the highest quality tagging, critical to surfacing real insight. Fully automated NLP and Text Analytics tools alone cannot deliver the level of quality needed to support business critical decisions.

Codeit combines the benefits of technology’s speed and scale with the precision of human judgement.


Codeit stands out from the mass of automated text analysis tools available, because of its heritage and background in Market Research, where quality, precision and insight are prized above all else.

Digital Taxonomy’s team of designers, developers and UI specialists all come from a wide range of disciplines, including Market Research, where the discipline of coding (or tagging, as it’s more usually now known) has existed for many years. 

In order to meet the rigorous standards demanded in Market Research, Codeit has been developed as the first, and indeed the only platform to seamlessly embed the range of techniques needed to extract high-quality insight from unstructured text.

Unique multi-layered technology

Codeit utilises a range of interconnected techniques to achieve the highest quality tagging, combined with a modern human coding interface that provide as hands-on (or off) as desired to meet your own quality requirements. 


How it works?

Easy Inputs/Outputs

Codeit offers a variety of ways to import and export data.
Upload and download directly from tools like Excel or Loadit.

Alternatively, you can achieve real-time automation using the Codeit API.

Clean and Simple Interface

Codeit has been developed in partnership with real (human!) coders.
The result is a user interface that is clean, efficient and pleasant to use.
Say farewell to Excel coding nightmares.

Augmented tagging with full AI Support

Codeit has artificial intelligence baked in behind the scenes.
You stay in charge, but Codeit will intelligently help you along the way making things more efficient and easier.

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