Coding for Market Research

Codeit will transform the quality and speed of how you create insight from unstructured text, including survey verbatims, customer reviews and feedback, public consultations and many other data sources. 

Utilising advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, combined with an efficient and clean user interface, Codeit can improve coder productivity by between 2 and 2.5 times – so that a job which used to take 10 hrs might take just 4 or 5 hours. So that's half the time (and cost)  with no loss in quality!

It includes powerful features such as advanced text analytics, auto-code frame generation, code frame cloning across projects and productivity and project management support.

Codeit’s fully secure cloud hosting guarantees optimum processing speeds, whilst the user interface has been designed in partnership with market research and coding professionals to maximise coding throughput, accuracy and consistency.


Modern Data Wrangling for Market Research

Loadit helps companies automate repetitive data processing tasks, and is built with three key principles in mind.

  • Simplicity
  • Transparency
  • Extensibilty

Data analysts and researchers need to manage and integrate ever more – and more complex -  data sources. Current multi data-automation solutions are based either on bespoke programming (VBA, macros et. al.) or manual processes that all too often evolve into monster spreadsheets, spaghetti macros or home-grown tools that no-one understands.

With its highly visual, intuitive and easy to use interface running on a high performance automation and data-bridging platform, LoadIt saves time and money by creating intuitive workflows that can be easily developed, understood and shared with others.  

Award Finalist Logo 2017.png


Loadit was a finalist in the 2017 joint ASC/MRS Award for Technology Innovation and Effectiveness.