The Team

Tim Brandwood.jpgTim Brandwood, CEO

Tim has nearly 20 years’ experience working in the market research industry and over 17 years’ experience as a software developer. 

Tim’s career began in Market Research in 1998 as a graduate trainee of Millward Brown. Whilst there, Tim applied his growing interest in software development by developing a set of software tools for statistical analysis, which won him several company awards. 

In 2000, Tim became a software developer for CACI, creating geographical information systems for marketing analysis. In 2003 Tim moved to Network Research initially as a software developer and later as Chief Technology Officer. Tim’s software played a pivotal role in increasing Network Research’s turnover fivefold during his 8 year tenure. 

In 2008, Tim formed his own company, TBL Systems, with the principal aim of developing and selling a data automation tool called “Loadit”. Loadit has been very well received within the Market Research industry and boasts many prestigious clients worldwide. 

Between 2014 and 2015 Tim worked as Chief Technology Officer for London based start-up “Predikta”. He was responsible for building a highly scalable, highly secure football prediction game intended for a mass consumer audience. 

•    MSc Software Engineering (Open University)
•    BSc Business Economics (Leicester University)
•    MCP, MCSD, Microsoft
•    Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Diploma
•    Market Research Society (MRS) Diploma

rudy.jpegRudy Bublitz, Director of Sales 

Rudy brings more than 35 years of marketing and survey research experience to his role as Director of Sales at Digital Taxonomy.

He has worked with survey research companies around the globe, listening to their needs and delivering customized solutions that increase verbatim coding, text analysis/AI and overall data management productivity.

Prior to joining Digital Taxonomy, Rudy served 17 years as SVP Sales at Ascribe, 3 years as senior account manager at Knowledge Networks, now a part of the GfK, 8 years at SPSS/Quantime. Rudy launched his career in 1981 spending 10 years as VP Operations with MRSI, a strategic market research firm and a member of the ORC International companies.

Rudy earned a degree in psychology from Michigan State University.

He is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, providing business development, partner acquisition, and customer retention.

In his spare time, Rudy collects spores, moulds and fungi. [We are hoping that this is a joke!]

Mike Daniels Smaller.pngMike Daniels,  Marketing


Mike has over 25 years experience in research and communications. Mike combines a theoretical underpinning in communications theory and formal linguistics, with practical experience in PR, marketing communications and global media research.

Mike co-founded Report International, one of the earliest providers of large scale, global media evaluation programmes, which was sold to Salience Insight, a global media intelligence business. Mike was Salience Insight’s Global Commercial Director until May 2015.

Mike then formed The Measurement Practice, a unique consultancy helping clients derive the maximum value from their measurement and research investments. 
Mike’s has over 40 years’ business experience in strategic communications, market research, database marketing and integrated communications. 

Mike is a past Chairman and Founding Lifetime Fellow of the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), as well as a member of the Measurement Commission of the Institute for PR in the USA. 

Outside of his professional career, Mike is a passionate devotee of most forms of music – ideally combined with good food and wine.

Damien Gouriet.jpgDamien Gouriet, CTO

Damien is a recent graduate from the French engineering school École Centrale Paris. He worked throughout his studies on Data Science problems, with regards to both images and text, leading to an MSc in Mathematics applied to Data Sciences.

He also has an MSc in Management from Essec Business School, which he did as a double degree while at École Centrale Paris. Over the course of his studies, he has done various projects in Artificial Intelligence including Image recognition, and Social Media text analysis.

Prior to Digital Taxonomy Limited, he worked as an intern at Predikta, a fantasy-football style game, where he was in charge of the Data Analytics.

He also worked at Digeiz, a start-up doing In-Store analytics for retail stores. During this internship, he built a recognition system using deep learning to help retailers understand their customers’ in-store experience.

GeorgeGeorgeHamza.jpg Hamza, Full Stack Developer

George Hamza is a recent graduate from the University of Bedfordshire, with a 1st class degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Information Systems Management. George works on all areas of Codeit - adding new features and enhancing existing ones, helping clients with their support requests and working closely with the development team to scope out the product roadmap.

In his spare time, George is a keen music composer and also puts us all to shame by going to the gym every day.

pmolloy.jpgPat Molloy, Director

Pat has been involved in the Survey Technology business for over 35 years. After studying electronics at Southampton University, he joined MIL (now GfK via NOP) as a junior spec-writer.

He has served as Operations Director for NOP, CTO at Taylor Nelson (now part of Kantar), Managing Director of Quantime, CEO of Pulse Train and CSO of Confirmit (which acquired Pulse Train).

He is a former member of the MRS board, a Fellow of the RSS, holds a CITP from the British Computer Society and is active in the ASC (Association for Survey Computing) and the Triple-S (Data Interchange Standard) steering group. Pat holds an MBA from the University of Liverpool.

Outside work, Pat is a keen amateur programmer (dangerous!)  and inveterate physics, electronics and gadget nerd!