Webinar with Askia Software showing new features in Codeit 4.9

04 June 2019

Webinar with Askia Software showing new features in Codeit 4.9
Our CEO, Tim Brandwood recently presented a webinar, showing just a few of the many new features and enhancements that continue to cement Codeit’s reputation as the premier free-text analysis and coding tool.

Askia Webinar.pngCombining a unique blending of AI, Machine Learning, and Text Analytics with human oversight, Codeit has helped our customers transform analysis of free-text (customer feedback, survey verbatim responses, social media comments etc.), from a costly overhead into a valuable asset.

In the presentation, co-hosted with Askia Software, Tim focused on 4 key innovations released in Codeit, version 4.9:

  1. “Adaptive survey routing” – by which we mean using Codeit in real-time to route survey questions based on verbatim responses 
  2. Tighter data links into the Askia platform – enabling Askia users to benefit from totally seamless data flows from Askia surveys in and out of Codeit
  3. Auto-translate from more than 50 languages, delivering automated coding/tagging of multi-lingual text
  4. Extended management reporting to enhance project management and coder productivity

Using concrete examples, Tim demonstrated each of these new features, showing how easily they can be configured. The webinar recording is embedded below.

This extended functionality is fully tested and available in Codeit version 4.9. Please contact us to find out more about Codeit, or to arrange a demo.

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