“Making data actionable” - live webinar recording now available

28 November 2019

“Making data actionable” - live webinar recording now available
We were delighted to have a large and enthusiastic audience for our most recent webinar, co-hosted with Nebu. Entitled “Making Data Actionable”, the webinar demonstrated the power of Codeit’s tight integration with Nebu’s survey platform.

The webinar, using live data, focused on how Codeit’s delivery of in-survey verbatim coding supports a number of different real-time automation processes, including:

  • Theme/issue identification
  • Auto routing survey flow based on NPS scoring
  • Trigger specific actions, such as raising a support ticket
  • Applying real-time sentiment analysis to immediately identify potential red flags
  • Auto-translation of respondent comments

Rudy Bublitz, our all-round coding maven demonstrated just how easy and straightforward it is to create and utilise specific action triggers in real-time using the Codeit API.

The webinar clearly demonstrates how the application of Codeit’s AI-supported coding with Nebu’s survey flexibility is a real step-change, in our opinion, in research survey methods.

We welcome any feedback you would like to share, and of course if you would like further information or to book you own personal free demo of Codeit, please do contact us at any time.

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