Joint Digital Taxonomy and Askia Webinar on Codeit

05 July 2018

Joint Digital Taxonomy and Askia Webinar on Codeit
Our CEO (Pat Molloy) and CTO (Tim Brandwood) recently presented a webinar, in partnership with our channel partners, Askia, about Codeit Professional, our newly launched, advanced free-text coding solution.


The webinar was designed to provide existing users of Askia’s survey software with an overview of Codeit Professional’s key productivity features and a brief description of its advanced AI, text analytics and machine learning capabilities.

Using custom software that Digital Taxonomy  developed, snappily called "The Bridge" (not to be confused with the fantastic Scandinavian TV Series), Codeit and Askia are now tightly and seamlessly integrated, providing Askia users with the capability to undertake text coding in near real time, using a coding control interface embedded within the familiar Askia supervisor module.

With Codeit Professional, Askia (and other survey software) users can now benefit from Codeit’s up-to date and user-friendly coding interface for enhanced productivity, its advanced AI for intelligent coding and code-frame development as well as text analytics for superior quality of topic surfacing and sentiment analysis – all built-in.

The webinar is now available to stream – just click here to listen to it at your convenience. 

If you’d like to discuss how Codeit could benefit your coding needs, whether you’re an Askia user or not, please do get in touch for a chat or to arrange a demo.

We hope you enjoy the webinar!

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