Introducing Codeit Professional

24 May 2018

Introducing Codeit Professional
After 7 months development and intensive beta-testing, we’re proud and excited to be releasing Codeit Professional, the next iteration of our state of the art coding tool, Codeit.


Codeit Professional includes a whole raft of new features, including code frame auto-generation, in-built text analytics, automated coding, multiple coding approaches and code frame cloning amongst others. We’ve kept the same clean, modern and highly efficient user interface that’s been so popular with coders, but under the hood we’ve implemented advanced Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Text Analytics techniques to create a coding platform that’s significantly more productive than other coding tools.BlockCodeing-2.JPG


Our design goal for Codeit Professional was to build a new coding platform from the ground up, unencumbered by legacy programming models, architecture and User Interface designs. In our testing, we’ve seen that Codeit Professional really delivers on that goal -  significantly improving coding speed and quality.


We want to help organisations of all sizes access the insights buried in unstructured text, whether they’re market research verbatims, Voice of Customer comments, or social media posts. To that end, we’ve created a highly disruptive pricing model that makes quality and rapid coding truly affordable!


Wewould love to show you how Codeit Professional could help you meet your coding challenges. Just drop us a note, via one of the contact us links, to arrange a demo.


In the meantime, you can find more details about Codeit Professional here. Do keep an eye on our blog though, as we’ll be publishing a piece shortly by Damien Gouriet, our head of Artificial Intelligence, that describes some of the advanced technology that’s gone into Codeit Professional.


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