If it’s Q1 2019 we must be in London, Amsterdam and Cincinnati!

08 January 2019

If it’s Q1 2019 we must be in London, Amsterdam and Cincinnati!
It’s the start of a busy 2019 for all of us at Digital Taxonomy. 2018 saw the successful launch of Codeit, the industry’s most advanced smart tool for coding all types of open text, ranging from customer comments and complaints, survey verbatim responses, social media postings and many other uses.

With an increasing number of happy customers,  and verbatims coded using Codeit, the first quarter of 2019 is the right time for us to show a wider research and marketing audience how Codeit can unlock the insight and value contained within free-text data. Codeit uses using a unique blended technology approach seamlessly melding AI, machine learning, text analytics and human oversight to deliver outstanding productivity gains with enhanced quality and at a fraction of the cost of legacy tools or human coding.

First up is the Quirk’s London Event, on the 12th and 13 February, where we will have a  stand and will be presenting a paper. Tim Brandwood, Digital Taxonomy’s CTO will be talking on: “Robots to the Rescue: Decoding the Real Voice of the Customer Using Leading-edge AI”.  You’ll find a preview of Tim’s talk here.

A week later, on the 18th and 19th February, we’ll be attending IIeX Europe 2019, in Amsterdam, where we'll be presenting a somewhat more technically focused paper. We’ll be at the conference for both days, and would be delighted to meet up for a chat over coffee (or beer!)  or lunch – please send an email to info@digitaltaconomy.co.uk and we’ll set up a time and place to meet. Conference details are here.

And we finish up the quarter in Cincinnati, at the MRMW event on the 10th and 11th April, where Rudy Bublitz will be co-presenting with our client, RDI, a paper entitled “Using artificial intelligence to unleash insights from text data”  This compelling case study illustrates  how Codeit has transformed RDI’s approach to open text coding, allowing it to offer greater value to its customers, with enhanced quality and significantly reduced management overhead. Conference details are here.

If you’d like to set up a meeting at any of these events, or would like a demo of Codeit, do please drop us a line at info@digitaltaxonomy.co.uk.


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