Team Highlight -- Tim Brandwood: CEO & Co-founder

03 July 2019

Team Highlight -- Tim Brandwood: CEO & Co-founder
In this piece, the first of a new series looking at the people behind Digital Taxonomy, we talk with Tim Brandwood, our CEO and co-founder. Digital Taxonomy’s flagship product, Codeit, combines AI and human oversight to simplify the process of tagging unstructured text. Companies are built by people, and whilst we strive to communicate new releases and changes to our technology, what about the humans working behind the computers? Here, we introduce our readers to Tim, who along with fellow co-founder Damien Gouriet, is driving Digital Taxonomy’s innovative approach to technology.

Born in the Midlands, and more specifically Birmingham, Tim lived in London for 20 years, during which time he has lost his Birmingham accent, and now sounds just like any other Londoner (though not full Cockney!) These days he lives in rural Berkhamsted with his family. A fun fact about Berkhamsted for any history buffs: it’s not only famous for being the furthest point of the Norman invasion in 1066, but it’s also where Parliament was relocated to during the Black Death. Tim speaks French, German, and of course, Computer Programming, which he uses daily while working at DT. 

Tim’s passion for AI and software is driven by his desire to simplify people’s lives and solve real needs. He founded Digital Taxonomy in 2016 because he could envisage how to improve the way text coding was done in the market research industry. Digital Taxonomy’s products simplify and automate activities that had previously always needed to be handled manually. They are designed to free up people’s lives, transferring repetitive ‘grunt’ work to computers. AI allows individuals to be more productive, to do things quicker, and to increase time available for other activities.


Outside of work, Tim has run 23 full marathons, with the Amsterdam marathon coming up in October. He also enjoys cycling and swimming, so he’s hoping one day to complete an Iron Man (he’s already completed a half-iron man, so he’s close!) One day, he hopes to cycle the 6,000 miles across the United States, but he’ll need about 3 months to complete that. Back in London, he frequents comedy clubs and particularly likes Open Mic nights at The Comedy Store. 

Tim enjoys working at DT because it’s a startup - there’s never a dull moment in the office, and he’s able to see his ideas come to fruition, which is very rewarding. He also loves building a company that’s consistently breaking new ground in the field of AI. A great example is a new project call Metacode, an upcoming feature that allows users to share individual machine learning codes between codeframes. Currently, users can only share a complete codeframe between different projects, but Metacode will maximize how much users are able to share, massively increasing efficiency!

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