Digital Taxonomy – a growing success

25 March 2019

Digital Taxonomy – a growing success
We're growing - more customers, more staff, more space!

In the past 6 months, Digital Taxonomy has grown its customer base significantly. In particular, Codeit has established itself as the industry’s gold standard in automated coding and analysis of open, unstructured text. Customers in the MR, VoC and social media space are using Codeit to surface insight from customer comments, survey responses and social media that would previously have been too expensive or too slow to analyse.

GeorgeHamza.jpgStrengthening support for this rapid growth has been a key priority, and we are delighted that George Hamza has joined the Digital Taxonomy team. Newly graduated from the University of Bedfordshire, with a 1st class degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Information Systems Management, George is already helping clients with their support requests as well as testing and adding new features to Codeit. George is also actively involved in supporting Digital Taxonomy’s Product Roadmap.

In his spare time, George is a keen music composer.

As well as new people, substantial new financial investment into the business has been secured to support further growth, with new Directors appointed to the board to help drive the business forward.

Additionally, Digital Taxonomy has been successful in securing a summer AI intern through CAP-AI, funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The intern will work on a project to further enhance our Machine Learning technology. Read more about it here. order to fit everyone in, the company has recently moved to a new, larger office. BLOOM.SPACE is a shared workspace and start-up incubator and accelerator, supporting fast-growing technology-focused startups like Digital Taxonomy. It offers not just more room, but also access to professional advisers and mentors, experienced in the technology space. 

Pat Molloy, CEO, commented: “In addition to more space, we are now also sitting along like-minded startups with whom to share experience. Accounting, Legal, Business Planning and Tax planning help are all on hand and already paying dividends.”

BLOOM.SPACE is located right in the heart of Bloomsbury, in Gower Street, surrounded by a dense cluster of high performing University of London institutions, notably University College. 

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