Codeit Release 4.11

03 July 2019

Codeit Release 4.11
We’re very excited at Digital Taxonomy to release version 4.11 of Codeit, our AI guided text-tagging tool. We’ve been working closely with our clients and listening to their feedback in order to align it ever more closely to real needs. In this release, we’ve made improvements in three key areas: AI Visibility, Quality Assurance and External Client access.

AI Visibility

Our hard-working friend “Rob Bott” is great. He diligently beavers away, always learning and always looking to apply codes where he can. By default, he will do this automatically behind the scenes without expecting so much as a word of thanks! Of course, his work can be checked at any time, just the same as any other coder, using the “Verify” feature built in Codeit.

However, some of our clients wanted us to take this further and make Rob’s work more visible in the Block Coding screen. Therefore we have introduced a new robot icon that indicates when a code has been applied by the AI.

If you want to focus in on just the codes added by Rob, you can do that too. The popup menu in block coding allows you to filter on just those codes applied by Rob and hide those applied by human coders.

And if you want to get really specific, you can narrow the filter further and just show those codes that were applied by a specific layer of the AI. For example, you may want to check to see how your text matching rules are performing, so selecting “Filter on Text Matching Rules” <Check wording of this in the UI> allows you to focus on just those codes applied by the text matching layer.

Sometimes you don’t want Rob to apply any codes at all, though you do want him to make helpful suggestions to speed up the coding process. To help with this we’ve added a new “Suggestions” filter <Again, check wording in UI>.  When you apply this filter, Codeit will overlay Rob’s suggestions over the top of the items on screen to help guide you through the coding as quickly as possible. If you like the look of a suggestion, you can simply click it to apply it. Simple!


Quality Assurance Process

Quality is key to everything we do in Codeit. Our clients know the importance of good quality coding so they often have strict quality control processes in place.

The quality workflow typically looks something like this:

However, the workflow may vary when Coders are expected to make corrections to their own work, like so:

The “Verify” feature in Codeit is a powerful tool that allows Supervisors to check the work done by coders and, importantly mark items as “approved” or “rejected”:


Some of our users have suggested that it would be useful to overlay this QA information in Block Coding for coders to see. This allows coders to easily view if any corrections need to be made.

This new feature can be accessed from the Settings ribbon menu on the Block Coding screen.

Filtering on rejected items allows the coder to see just those items that have failed the QA checks and enables them to quickly correct the items displayed.


External Client Access

It is important to keep your clients up to date during the coding process.
Clients expect progress updates and interim topline results.  To help support this we created an “External Client” access method, which can be granted to your external clients.

Any user with “External Client” access can view the main Project Dashboard to view progress information and can additionally download codeframes and frequency reports.


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