Great interest in our recent Codeit Professional webinar

01 August 2018

Great interest in our recent Codeit Professional webinar
We recently hosted our first live webinar, presenting Codeit Professional 2.16 to a large and engaged audience of market research, voice of the customer and social media coding specialists.

Our CEO, Pat Molloy and CTO, Tim Brandwood gave an overview of both Digital Taxonomy and Codeit Professional, highlighting some of the key features that in just a few weeks since its original launch have made Codeit a real challenger in the free-text coding space.

We were really gratified to have such a diverse audience, who were certainly not shy in coming forward with some excellent, thoughtful questions. We hope we answered them to everyone’s satisfaction.

To see the webinar for yourself, we recorded the whole event and it’s now available to view at the link below. We hope you’ll find it of interest – we’d love to hear from you if you have any comments, questions or would like to arrange a demo of what’s turning out to be a major game changing product!

You can stream or download the webinar recording by clicking here or on the image below.


We’ll be running more webinars in the future. Use the “contact us” button or the “get in touch” link at the bottom of this page to add your details to our email database so that we can send you news on future events.

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