Pat Molloy, CEO,  and Tim Brandwood, CTO, will be speaking at the ASC on November 15th.

They will be exploring the reality of using AI and Machine Learning to code open ended responses in Market Research. 
After much experimentation, they have concluded that no single technique offers a silver bullet. Instead, a blended approach of text matching, rules based matching, text analytics, machine learning and good old fashioned manual human coding is the key to success.

With the aid of client case studies, they will illustrate how taking this blended approach can make light work of quantifying large amounts of text data. 

Pat and Tim will be at the conference all day and would be delighted to meet you there for a chat about Codeit, our AI powered coding platform which is transforming the coding process for companies and research agencies large and small.

Conference Details 
“Alexa, what’s the future of market research?” - The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to surveys

The one day conference will explore how AI and machine learning is playing an ever greater part in our lives, and survey research is no exception. The conference aims to look at how AI and machine learning is impacting on survey research.

Thursday 15th November 2018
ORT House, 126 Albert Street, London, NW1 7NE